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Today's post riffs off of a post from 2017 on my other blog, Life as a Modern Dancer. The post was called "The Verbs of Arts Administration" and included this graphic designed by Jenny Lederer for the piece:

Arts Administration Verbs by Jill Randall

Text by Jill Randall of Life as a Modern Dancer Blog; graphic design by Jenny Lederer

Whether you are running a dance company, boutique store, or online magazine --- what 1-3 words describe your core work with the business right now (during the COVID-19 pandemic)? Sad to say that we need to mention words not in the graphic above, but they are very real and relevant to this moment:

  • Paring down
  • Pausing
  • Cancelling
  • Streamlining
  • Furloughing
  • Postponing
  • Reducing
  • Consolidating

So - what are the 1-3 words you choose today?

No need to beat yourself up about these words or make judgements; today's post is about reflecting and articulating...then seeing how this affects your publicity and marketing going forth.

Even if you are cutting programs and pausing projects, what will be conveyed and shared with your customers, readers, donors, and community members? What are the pros and cons of sharing the details?

If you are running a business or organization with newly reduced staffing and smaller budgets, how are you maintaining your current customers and possibly even gaining new customers? And back to marketing - is this a moment to ask a board member for support or find some pro bono marketing help in your community? (Likewise....can you offer any marketing and cross-promotional support to colleagues right now?)





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