A New Blog Begins!


Hello and welcome to my latest passion project, market to market. This blog is for artists, arts organizations, and small businesses and aims to be a hub for resources, story sharing, and support for the field.

Speaking as a dancer and arts administrator, so many of us learn about marketing through informal ways - "growing" into a position, trial and error, and a lot of love, curiosity, and passion. I dedicate this project to two colleagues, Jessi B and Alex C.

Each month, the blog will share 4 to 6 blog posts to cover:

  • Short interviews with marketers around the United States about their jobs and career paths
  • Lists from artists and small business owners with tips, suggestions, and common pitfalls in marketing
  • A monthly interview/conversation with Chris Randall and myself.*
  • Resource sharing: websites, podcasts, articles, books, and upcoming workshops

*Yes, to point #3 here - many of the marketing ideas I have learned through conversations (and osmosis!) with my husband, who is a longtime employee at Clif Bar (now into year 23 at the company). Chris's personal story also aligns well with this blog - learning by doing, and lots of curiosity and putting in of hours.

This new project reminds me of Tina Seelig's book What I Wish I Knew When I Was 20. Check it out! It is a beautiful book about what I am talking about - people carving paths and careers without formal training.

There are SO many ways to learn and be successful in our world. Let's share more about our marketing work here!



Jill Randall

Blog Director